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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Learning loose figure painting

 These small 8" x 6" paintings were done in Doug's class. I was trying to do a loose rendering from a photograph, minimizing detail. The first painting is done on a wet red iron oxide toned canvas board. I had the shadow of the shirt to gray/neutral so the brighter blue was added on top.
 The next one (to the right) was done using less detail again and more broad strokes to get the shapes. I found it very hard to make the face as dark as it was in the photo with the hat shading it.
This is try #3. Doug's suggestion was to continue what I had done in the other two but with less colours in the skin tone and less background. The background is loose and more a part of her rather than a separate "thing". I am much happier with this one as she feels like she is leaning back on her arms.

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