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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Sketch book travels, SMA #5

These sketches are photo based of our travels around town (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico). As we are walking around town I am always on the look out for things that interest me or will  be a great reminder of our time here. The first sketch is a view of people walking and looking at their phone, oblivious to their beautiful surroundings.
 My husband Gord has been taken twice weekly Spanish classes from Javier at the Don Luis restaurant. As am not at that level I have been quietly sitting and listening in and drawing. This is a sketch of the table. Usually I also try and sketch patrons in another sketch book that I am drawing live subjects.

This sketch is of an elderly lady in the Dia de Revolution parade that went for miles. This group of seniors swished their dresses and danced the whole parade (miles!), I was so impressed!

Sometimes you come across something so simple it makes an impact and had me writing stories in my head long after viewing it.

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