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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sketch book travels, SMA #6

We went on a Sunday hike, first meeting the group at a local gas station, breaking into groups for the different hikes and car pooling. This time and last time we were lucky enough to get a ride from Tizianna. It was so beautiful, I took so many photos of the "Canada de la Virgen" hike that I could do a whole series of paintings. This is a sketch of the red ant hills that were piled high with the same sized rocks that the ants had broken down and pushed out the hole to make quite a pile, I was wowed by the feat! There were also some flowers blooming all around to create quite a contrast.

This sketch is an urban sketch (done on location). We usually have a happy hour game of crib and from my vantage point I get to see beautiful sunset colours in the sky out of our rental front room window. After crib I sketched this then used water colour and ink. This is not done in my sketch book but on water colour paper that fits in my book. I can't blend colours in my sketch book and wanted to get the beautiful orange to blue sky.

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