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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friday at the Sicamous Red Barn

I happily joined the artists from the Brush and Palette Club in Sicamous for their weekly art time. The challenge was to draw a person's face from a magazine UPSIDE DOWN. We were shown the example in "Drawing From the Right Side Of The Brain" art book and then tried it out.

It may seem funny that as an artist, I don't like to draw, I like to paint! This was a wonderful exercise for me as just looking at the lines and shapes of the face upside down seemed to shut my critical brain down and it was just an enjoyable experience. I was really happy and surprised at the result when I finished and turned the picture and my drawing right side up, it was a lot better than I could of done right side up! I did not get the second one finished but the result was still recognizable.

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