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Monday, August 25, 2014

Plein Air Painting Challenge, painting #3

As my time was running out and the noon deadline to have all paintings handed in, I used the paints on my palette and quickly laid down the shapes I saw in a completely different direction. This one had a small lake, tree groves and farmer's crops in view. This painting was really fun and with time running out there was no getting into any details. It was fresh and the sun reflected on the top left corner so the colour is off in the photo.

I was only allowed to put one painting in the judging so I put in the second one. I did not win the challenge but enjoyed the wonderful views, friends, being with like minded people, a delicious lunch and a fabulous day! I will certainly go again next year!! A big thank you to Reflections West Art and the Leighton Art Centre for all their hard work!

"Plein Air Painting Challenge, painting #3"
Oil on canvas board 12" x 9"

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