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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Painting #2 at the Plein Air Painting Challenge

On August 17, Debbie and I enjoyed the Plein Air Painting Challenge presented by Reflections West Art and Leighton Art Centre. As we had time to paint from 7am until noon, I worked on a second painting with a completely different view, just by picking up my easel and turning slightly. This view had the rolling hills, lit up wild grasses and flowers and a farm house in the background. The Leighton Centre also had a wood art instillation of thin tree trunks that intrigued me.

"Plein Air Painting Challenge, painting #2"
Oil on gesso board 12" x 12"

The farm house is in the middle of the picture, just barely visible. This is a picture of my painting in progress as well as my set up.

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