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Friday, June 30, 2017

Dreama's Online class - Week 6 Bonus

Week 6 Bonus"Front Row Seat In France"
12" x 12" Oil on board

This painting is my rendition of the last lesson (Week 6) in Dreama Tolle Perry's online art class. She has 2 bonus reference photos at the end and this is one of them. Access to the course is for a year so I may go through and paint them again, learn more and see if my style has evolved. I really enjoy the colours she uses and of course her photo resources. The course is more than just painting, she has tips, meditation videos with an outdoor scene and music, suggestions with "be kind to your artist self".

This painting combines what we have learnt from the 6 weekly modules...pots, walls, windows, shutters, flowers and greenery,

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