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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dreama's Online Class - Week 6

Week 6 "Blue Shutters and Blooming Friends"
12" x 9" Oil on board

I really enjoyed painting this class. It was a challenge to fit in all the elements in this painting (hard building, stone, clay pot as well as the soft foliage and flowers). I have never painted shutters doors before so that too was interesting. This painting will be a door prize at the Eagle Valley Brush and Palette 38th Annual Art Show from June 28 until July 4 at the Red Barn Arts Centre in Sicamous, B.C. Stop by and meet some wonderful artists, enjoy the art and of course fill in a free ballot.


  1. Wow Karen I love this painting! The colors are awesome!
    Very nice work.

    1. Thanks Marie Flynn. I love the Caribbean Blue, a new colour I will use a lot more of.