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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Mexico travel sketches - Queretaro

On Boxing Day Colleen, Gord and I took the bus to spend the day in Queretaro and walked around all the squares in the old city centre. Every corner we turned brought a new view. There were old buildings, statues (sketch below) and a lot of indigenous women selling their homemade wares from big bags on their backs and filled baskets on their arms.

One of the best things we saw on this busy day was a celebration where they filled a "tent-like" shelter with ice shavings and families were building snowmen complete with carrots, buttons and scarves. Another  area was set up for snowball fights complete with face shields. A third area had a ride with tubes down an icy slope. The line ups were long and we could hear the delightful laughter far before we could see what was going on. Our laughter joined theirs!

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