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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

FCA Calgary Chapter workshop with Alice Helwig

I attended a FCA Calgary Chapter workshop last Saturday and Sunday with Alice Helwig teaching about values and colour schemes. I really found the value part of the weekend really seemed to finally hit home for me. I can't do the "squinty eye" thing that everyone else seems to be able to do to see values and not details. My camera could do that for me as I found out. Using acrylic was a challenge as well but I learned more about using it therefore enjoyed it more.

 This exercise was to put different colours of the
same value. This is something I could never see until I viewed it on my camera in black & white. You can see where I painted a couple of brush marks in a darker value.

 This is the same exercise again using different colours and using white in the mix. The black and white study shows they are all a similar value.

These are photos of my palette as I am mixing, trying to get the same values with this wide range of colours.

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