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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sketching while waiting...

I have been trying to bring my sketchbook with me when I have appointments or know I will have some waiting time. It certainly passes the time quickly! It is also an interesting way to get used to people looking at me while drawing/painting. I am not sketching long enough for to many comments or to much interaction.

This is a sketch I did of chairs and art in a couple of waiting rooms. The lighter lines were done in black ink while waiting for a flu shot. The darker lines were done in my doctor's office with a felt pen of the chairs and art.

This plant was also drawn during an office visit. To keep everything compact I have not been packing my water colour pencils or small paint box.
This is a drawing that I did a little at a time of the dashboard of my car as I was waiting for my husband Gord to come off the C-Train at the end of his workday. Some days I only had enough time to do a couple of lines and other days I got a little more done. I am not going to do any more on it now.

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