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Friday, January 6, 2017

Skinny Mara Lake View

I was a little befuddled on how I was going to paint this scene of Mara Lake, B.C. I was in Doug's class and after asking what I liked about the painting, it seemed like it was really about the rocks in front AND Sicamous, B.C. and mountains in the background. Essentially I had 2 subjects. After struggling with trying to "map" this on my canvas, Doug took it and disappeared, coming back with my canvas board cut in half!

Now, he said I could do the two subjects I was interested in. Honestly when you cover up the mountains and sky the rocks really aren't that interesting. Some days the paintings flow, other days are a challenge. I had never painted on such a small and irregular canvas board before but I really enjoyed it once I got going.

"Skinny Mara Lake View 1"    3" x 12" Oil on board     #20006117A  

I painted the one above first and enjoyed it so much I decided to paint it again with the other half, hard to tell which one I like better.

"Skinny Mara Lake View 2"    3" x 12" Oil on board     #20006117B 

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