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Monday, January 2, 2017

Sketching while travelling by plane

While on our flight from Puerto Vallarta to Calgary I drew my hand in pencil in my sketch book then used my felt pen to draw the lines. I really liked how this turned out even though the flight was really bumpy while doing this.
This was the second sketch I did while filling in time on our WestJet flight on Dec 31. I think the fellow across the aisle filled in his time watching what I was going to do next. 
I decided to try my hand again, only this time crossing my fingers. This one just looked strange to me, I much prefer the one above.

The last sketch I did on the flight was what was on my tray at the time. I had my pencil, eraser and
pencil case so I leaned by sketch book against the tray and started drawing. There was no one in the middle seat so it was wonderful to have room to move my drawing arm around without worrying about bumping or being bumped.

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