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Thursday, January 26, 2017

FCA Workshop on Composition and Colour

  This is day 2 of the FCA Calgary Chapter workshop with Alice Helwig. In this lesson, we took a magazine picture with colours we liked and then had to colour match it on the side and paint a small painting of our photo resource (left-magazine picture on upper right of easel). We then took that as a reference (photo on right) to paint a a larger painting using those colours (my new colour reference on the left top corner of my easel, photo reference underneath and painting on the right.

 This is Alice's photo that we used for the next exercise. We took a black and white copy, traced the large shapes and then painted it on water colour paper with black and white oil paint.
After that dried, we painted over the large shapes with 2 colours of grey (light and dark) keeping some white and black areas.  Once that dried, we went back over it with colours to make sure the values stayed correct. 

I used wild "unreal" colours to see if I could make them tonally correct.

This is the photo of the above painting taken on my camera in black and white showing me that I did get the values right.

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