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Friday, January 13, 2017

Learning Values - AGAIN!

I painted a scene of San Miguel de Allende over the Christmas break (18" x 22"). I was not sure what was wrong with it but thought I did not have enough darks. Sure enough after showing it to Doug Swinton yesterday, my lesson was to paint a photo he chose using only black and white so I could see the values. I didn't finish the painting as he could see that I did know about values, just could not transfer them into colour on that painting.

Original photo

My incomplete version of photo in values only

When I painted  from the photo a second time, this time in colour, I focused on the "thingness" instead of just shapes. The painting above is Doug painting over mine to lose some of the details and he made bigger shapes on the barn and snow. Some days my brain just hurts after coming out of his class. Painting will be life long learning for me!

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